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pity / piety

by jesu

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justin pardy
justin pardy thumbnail
justin pardy Beautiful & enveloping.JKB is amazing!
Favorite track: piety.
Michael Carter
Michael Carter thumbnail
Michael Carter At first,this felt like an echo of Heartache,but with hindsight this is so sad,filled with all of our lives,unyet I find this uplifting and joyous.The second track brings in different elements,sounds like a trumpet,like a medicated Dead Neanderthals,talking too much,this is how I feel.
Neurot5 thumbnail
Neurot5 Peak jesu. A lot more droney and creepy sounding than the last album. Great stuff as always. Favorite track: pity.
jeffherk thumbnail
jeffherk This is one of the best Jesu output in my opinion.
Piety reminds me of the first time I heard Heartache: soul crushing riffs, the clean vocals full of emotion and the droned out notes carries throughout the whole piece makes this EP a devastating listen. Favorite track: piety.
pity 17:52
piety 17:36


“Frail hymns at the altar of self defeat….”

when all is full
when all is full
when all us fall
when all us fall

By Justin K Broadrick 2010-2022


released December 13, 2022

avalanche recordings. 2022. AREC065

Published by Mute Song Ltd

Original photo by Marek Studzinski


all rights reserved


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