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Heart Ache & Dethroned

by jesu

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Luke M
Luke M thumbnail
Luke M A complete listen through "Ruined" while sitting in a dark room staring into space shows just how powerful this record is, and how well it's able to prey upon your emotions. Favorite track: Ruined.
Matthew Toye
Matthew Toye thumbnail
Matthew Toye Jesu is mechanically rhythmic and crushingly beautiful at the same time. These two earlier and separate releases are perfect together. Favorite track: Ruined.
D.A.M. thumbnail
D.A.M. Definitely my favorite Jesu release, love the traces of the Godflesh sound sneaking in, though it doesn't detract from it coming into it's own for the very first time. Jesu in it's infancy is very massively heavy. Hauntingly somber, yet beautifully inviting. Gotten me through some hard times and I thank you Justin Broadrick for this amazing music. Favorite track: Dethroned.
Minik Olsen
Minik Olsen thumbnail
Minik Olsen I love the atmosphere Justin creates with Jesu!
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There are few artists operative at the fringes of popular music today whose sound has not been in some way or another informed or shaped by the works of Justin K Broadrick. As a founding member or sole proprietor of seminal outfits such as Godflesh, Napalm Death, Techno Animal, and Final, Broadrick has managed to help change or even define the now widespread genres of industrial and death metal, abstracted hip hop and dub, grindcore, and ambient electronics. So is also the case with his work in Jesu, who in the course of a very productive seven year existence have taken the churning pummel of his former project Godflesh, augmented it with the textural melody of 90s shoegaze rock and spawned a new sub-genre and the inevitable legions of imitators. And while imitators may abound, as the originator of this relatively newfound musical territory Jesu is still the clearly visible leader.

For those who may only be vaguely familiar with the history and subsequent trajectory of Jesu the re-release of the debut EP, Heart Ache, may function as the most suitable starting place for the process of initial immersion and discovery. Over the span of two towering 20 minute tracks one can hear not only the smoldering remnants of Godfleshembedded in the aural tapestry, but also the foundational elements that would define the future of the Jesu lexicon - extended and hypnotic structures, overlapping multi-layered melodies, alternately harsh/beautiful sonic embellishments and a palpable sense of the human capacity to express feeling through the mode of song craft. While Heart Ache itself may be reason enough to warrant investigation by the uninitiated, the inclusion of the recently completed Dethroned EP as a part of this release gives further reason for new listeners and long time devotees to discover (or remember) why so many accolades lay heaped at the altar of Jesu. The 4 tracks from Dethroned were originally conceived and partially finished in 2004, but were only finally completed in 2010. Perhaps due to the length of time over which these tracks were created the full evolution of Jesu is apparent within their structures, fluctuating from suffocatingly heavy to delicately sparse and covering an emotional spectrum of considerable depth. While "full circle" might not be quite the appropriate term to describe the content of Dethroned there is a completeness to its statement, recalling the monuments of Jesu past while simultaneously pointing towards the ever widening path of its future.


released November 16, 2010



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Track Name: Heart Ache
What's become of you?
You've been bought for less than you think
I hope for anything
But really there's nothing
How much can you take?
How much can I take?
You hope for everything
But really there's nothing
But really there's nothing...
Track Name: Ruined
Just like me you've lost your sight now
Just like me you see no reason to fight
But you won't find your pot of gold here
And just like me you can't be told now
Right / wrong
Right? Wrong?
Track Name: Dethroned
I live in your domain
In your shadow I crawl
Searching for your light
It's all I'll ever be, for you
Alone in your abyss
Where hate has no disguise
I learn from your mistakes
Repeat them for your sake, for you
Track Name: Annul
Keep searching
You know it's out there somewhere
But it's hurting
To know
Where there's pain there's always light
No matter how hard we try
Just dead ends
Annul my soul
And make me right
And you don't feel that it's right
But the shadows you chase just might
Track Name: Aureated Skin
Wilful but berated
You shall
Be decorated
Golden skin that's decayed now
Your wings
Have been clipped but
You're still above the sky
And all they'll do is
Chain you
But you don't need them do you now?